Insurance & warranty, suited to your needs.


Extensive protection against repair costs


Value enhancement of your vehicle


High planning reliability


Securing of liquidity in case of a break down


No financial concessions in case of a claim

The best benefits,
just for you.

So Easy Loans can assist you with your car insurance needs, we work closesly with Suncorp Insurance – and together we’re providing the best tailored comprehensive car insurance packages that are suited to your needs. Our ultimate comprehensive car insurance packages will offer you:


Suncorp Roadside Assist


Windscreen and Window glass cover


Hire car after an event for unlimited days


Lifetime new for old car replacement

Extended Warranties

Where can I purchase an Extended Warranty?

We collaborate closerely with Integrity warranty and their administered products. If you’re curious to know more about Integritys range of products and you would like to purchase one, contact us on (08) 8346 3387 for more details on how to get started!


How are claims made?

If your vehicle encounters a mechanical failure or breakdown, the Integritys Claims department will direct you to the nearest authorised repair centre for evaluation. Even if the issue is not claimable, they may still be able to assist you through their network of approved repairers Australia-Wide.


Whilst under the protection of an Integrity Warranty, where can I have my vehicle serviced?

You may have your vehicle serviced at any licensed/qualified Automotive Mechanic, a franchise dealer for the make of vehicle, a service centre approved by Integrity.

For confidence on the road ahead!

Why not opt for an Extended Moto Vehicle Warranty when buying your next car and benefit from these great features; unlimited claims/ kilometres, transferable, Australia-wide parts and labour cover and 24-7 roadside assist option!

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